Google is always quick to roll out software updates and such is evidenced by the Android Security Bulletin. The September release is ready since yesterday, bringing information on security vulnerabilities that affect Android-powered products. The 2018-09-05 security patch levels are included which you can find on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository. One of the most critical issues is the security vulnerability in the Media framework. It was earlier reported that it could enable any attacker, even remote, by simply using a crafted file to execute arbitrary code.

Good thing there is no official report of abuse or customer exploitation but it’s still best to be prepared. The security of the Android platform is of utmost importance so we suggest you implement the update on your smartphone.

As for the Pixel and Nexus devices, a related security bulletin is now out that details the security vulnerabilities. Functional improvements on the devices are included as well. Feel free to check your phone’s current security patch level and see if you need to update the Android version.

The Pixel / Nexus Security Bulletin for September 2018 brings security patches to specific vulnerabilities affecting kernel and Qualcomm components. Improvements are noticeable in battery charge in Retail Mode, SW Version reporting, and audio quality over car speakers.

The September 2018 Android Security Bulletin with Google Security Patches is now available for the Essential Phone. This also includes audio and accessibility fixes for the device.

SOURCE: Android