Android Q

More changes are coming to Android with the new Q dessert. Android Q is still not in its official and final stages but it should be ready soon after a few more tweaks and addition. We’ve featured quite a few improvements on the next Android dessert like allow app to record audio from other apps, car crash detection, desktop mode highlight, security enhancements, 5G network data in action, automatic light-dark mode switching, and a new swipe back gesture among others.

Automation features on Android aren’t exactly new. In fact, the platform has become more popular because of that fact. The Android team has been scaling back on some features so don’t be surprised about the changes. Such limitations are important because they help improve security and privacy.

For the Google Pixel phones, some changes on Android Q will be available for them initially for obvious reasons. The Pixel line is Google’s very own so it’s the first always get a taste of the newest Android.

Next to be added is the Settings Routines feature. Simply put, these are “rules” that “help automate changes” as shown off in the strings sighted.

It doesn’t really mean less freedom but rather the ability to set up rules on the phone based on whatever location or network your device is connected to. What the rules do is actually create a “geofence” for the longitude and latitude of an address. Conditions can be set up as part of the WiFi rule.

The idea is once a rule is triggered, whether Location or WiFi, the user can do whatever like set the phone to ring or silent, set Pixel to vibrate, or switch to Do Not Disturb mode. These are only a few examples but they gave us a glimpse of the possibilities. Rule Notifications will also be available for the benefit of any user.


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