Android Q Beta 4 and Final API

The Android team is on the last stretch of prepping the Q dessert for public release. The Android Q Beta 4 and Final APIs are now available for those testing the new version on their smartphones the past few months. The final Android Q APIs and the official SDK are almost ready. For developers, this means it’s time to make the necessary tweaks so your mobile apps are ready for the final Android Q release due in the next few weeks. The mystery ‘Q’ will be unveiled soon. Will it be Quiche? Quik? We don’t know but we’re excited.

Beta 4 is immediately ready for Pixel devices. Those on Beta 3 will get Beta 4 automatically. If not, you may enroll HERE. Other devices part of the Android Q Beta program will soon receive the same update in the coming days.

This Beta 4 delivers the final Android Q developer APIs (API level 29), official API 29 SDK, updated Android Studio build tools, and Android Q system images for the Pixel and Android Emulator. Apps must be compatible with Android Q and with Beta 4, devs can prepare them before the tech giant makes a big announcement.

If you’re a Pixel phone owner, you may watch out for possible problems because some are saying installation is failing, at least, on some units. Some are suggesting to hold off installation and wait for it to be fixed. A failed installation doesn’t usually happen so we’re not sure why such is being reported.

You can still continue with the installation if you don’t have a problem with possible issues. Be prepared to do a factory reset if the need arises. The new Android Q features and APIs will definitely enhance your apps so we suggest you start tinkering around.

Aside from the Pixel series, the Essential Phone is also ready to receive the Android Q Beta 4 OTA.