In less than a month, we’ll get to know what P dessert Android is serving us. We have no new clue but we’re not that interested in the name. We’re more focused on what new features and enhancements Google will be introducing. Ever since we learned about Android P, we’ve been hearing a number of new things including control of LTE signal bars by networks, call recording tone for future use, enhanced call blocking features, and a native screenshot editor among others.

We’ve only heard of the features but nothing much on the design. We just know there will be changes to navigation. A new navigation bar layout is said to be available. It will be different from Android 8.1 Oreo with the time now on the left side. The dialogue box appears to be rounded this time.

Another interesting change is the home button on screen. It’s not a circle but a pill-shaped button. The navigation design may be different from Oreo but we expect it will also be easier to understand and be familiar with. There may be optimized features for the notch. Android is said to do away with the multitasking button and instead use a swipe up gesture so the pill design makes sense now.

VIA: 9to5Google