We’ve been eagerly anticipating when Android Pay will officially launch in retail partner stores, especially as it has been almost 3 months since Google announced their new payment gateway. But until now, we still haven’t had a clear word from them as to when stores will actually start accepting it as a mode of payment. But now it seems that McDonalds has released an internal memo saying that they will start letting customers pay with Android Pay by August 26.

Although the memo may have gotten the date of Samsung Pay wrong (it says August 21, but it will launch next month), it seems legit, especially since August 26 falls on a Wednesday which is usually “Google launches or updates something” day in the tech world. Also, McDonalds is expected to be one of the largest partners for Google’s payment gateway, with the gazillion branches they have all over the country.

The instruction in the digital notice to employees says that it is somewhat similar to Apple Pay and asks them to print the important details (including a Mobile Payment Crew Poster, whatever that is) of this new addition through a link (no one screen capped what is in the link though). We do know that retailers have already been preparing and laying the groundwork for Android Pay, with some placards and stickers already placed on cash terminals.

But again, we’re really not that sure if this information sent to McD’s employees are up to date. After all, Google seems to be pushing the launch further and further ever since they announced it back in May. We will have a few days more speculate and then we find out the truth by the 26th.

VIA: Android Police