Despite fans’ apprehensions about any DC movie that comes out (despite the glorious Wonder Woman), we all know that Justice League fever is upon us as the Big Five (or is it Six?) come to theaters this week. We can expect a lot of movie tie-ins, product placements, games, etc. Even Android Pay is getting in on the action as the Android bots are suiting up and coming to your smartphone whenever you use the service to make an in-store payment.

It was just last year that Android turned their iconic bot into a space explorer and since then, they’ve adapted to various occasions and events, kind of like what happens with Google Doodles. We’ve seen it go Diwali, Halloween, Chinese New Year, etc. And now, they’re being unmasked, or rather, we’re masking them, to become superheroes, specifically Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Cyborg. And apparently, you will now be able to save them and even share them to friends.

Getting these Justice League animated Android bots is actually pretty easy. Well, it’s easy if you already use Android Pay. Update it to the latest version or if you haven’t used it yet, just download the app and add a debit or credit card from any of the supported financial institutions. Use it to pay for any of your purchases and you’ll get the chance to get any of the five. You’ll get one character each time you use Android Pay.

And unlike before when they were just fleeting bots of cuteness, you can now save them and even share them with your friends. Android Pay is probably hoping this will also induce them to use the service. You can find the Justice League bots in the next few days until December 31 in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, Russia, Canada, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

SOURCE: Google


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