The development of Android P is slowly but surely taking shape, and you can check our coverage of that via the Android P tag. There are a number of new features that are aimed specifically at making Android P better, especially in the realm of making it more secure for Android users. One recent addition to the Android P Developer Preview is DNS over TLS, which is a secure way of handling domain name queries from your device.

Browsing the internet from an Android device will mean that your device will need to make a DNS query (domain name server), which is needed to convert a friendly website name like or to an IP address (like or 2607:f8b0:4006:80e::2004) so that the device knows the destination server and it can connect to it. Usually, these DNS services are provided by your internet service provider, but are most times unsecure – in that ISP-based DNS keeps logs of the sites you query.

DNS over TLS is a protocol which establishes a secure channel to a secure DNS server. This protocol ais now included in Android P Developer Preview so that DNS queries and responses can’t be read or modified by anyone else who might be monitoring the connection.

You can now toggle between Private DNS choices – off, automatic, or you can provide a secure DNS host name. Automatic means that the device will upgrade to DNS over TLS if a network’s DNS server supports it.

SOURCE: Google