We’re done with speculating about the Android 8.0 because the Oreo has been served. The next version of the Android OS is rolling out to more mobile consumers in the coming month. We’ve seen a number of Developer Previews already that we know what to expect. But then again, there may be features we haven’t tried and tested. We know we’ll discover new things as more developers and ordinary users get a taste of the cookie.

One of Android Oreo’s overlooked features is the ability to let apps dismiss the Android lock screen when lock screen doesn’t have any pattern, pin code, or password. You can even allow apps to bypass the lock screen feature when the device is already unlocked. There’s the Smart Lock feature that makes things easier for the Oreo users.

The idea is that a quick notification can fully open an app from the lockscreen. There’s also the multi-screen art feature that lets several Android phones to open the same time with a noficication. The goal is to launch apps as you need them quickly and more conveniently.

Developers can find the API for the Android Developer site. Calling out android.app.Activity and android.app.KeyguardManager.KeyguardDismissCallback will make more apps show up and become available.

VIA: SlashGear


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