Samsung has been working hard on Android Oreo for several Galaxy phones. It’s rolling out for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ after months of development and testing. It was delayed a bit but most S8 phone owners can now get a taste of the cookie update. Other Samsung devices like the Galaxy S7, A5, and Tab S3 will also receive a similar update. That list we shared with you of all the Samsung devices that may receive Android Oreo update is somehow believable so we’ll keep tabs of all the possible and available updates.

The list doesn’t include the Galaxy S6 Edge but T-Mobile is sharing the good news that the phone will receive the highly-anticipated Android Oreo. It’s now on Manufacturer Development stage together with the Galaxy S6. On T-Mobile’s support page, here is what’s written: Phase: Complete: Version 8.0 Oreo.

Android 8.0 Oreo version may be a different now since after several updates, enhancements, and fixed but the Oreo basics remain. At this point, we know a few features of the Android Oreo will be ready including Picture-in-picture mode, Notification Dots, Google Play Protect security, Autofill for passwords, faster boot up, and the latest Google Security patch among others.

VIA: Reddit

SOURCE: T-Mobile (1),(2)


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