Android Oreo 8.0 for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been in development and testing for some time now. The new Android OS is being prepped for the Note 8 and since that OTA update leak last December, the official update is finally ready for all Galaxy Note 8 owners. Actually, Samsung didn’t release the update. It was AT&T who rolled out the new software version. It’s the official version as it has already passed SafteyNet and is Google-certified.

Specifically, this update is for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Snapdragon variant. Samsung brings Samsung Experience 9.0 plus the March security patch. The Oreo OS delivers a number of new features including notification snoozing, picture-in-picture mode, notification channels, and background app optimizations among others.

We’re expecting other networks will release the same update. The OTA should be arriving on devices anytime soon but you are free to update manually if you have the N950U or N950U1 version of the phone. Download BRA8 Odin and the files. Transfer OTA file onto your Note 8’s SD card. Extract the Odin firmware to a zip format, reboot into download mode, download the Odin tool, plug in device, click start at the bottom of Odin, and then wait for the device to flash and reboot. Choose “apply update from SD card” or “apply update from ADB”. View complete instructions HERE.

VIA: XDA Developers