Don’t ask questions if you’re not ready to receive answers you don’t want to hear. We have no idea what happened here exactly but Xiaomi seems to have removed a poll that was previously asking which platform is better for the Mi A1. The two variants of the phone–MIUI and Android One–were being pitted against each other. Apparently, Android One won with more than half of the polled votes at 57%. Not that people don’t trust Xiaomi. The Android One is just the better OS between the two.

The OEM, which was previously No. 1 in China until Huawei took over, has the MIUI as a skin for its mobile devices. It tops the present Android version running on the phone for that look and feel that is distinctly Xiaomi. When the Mi A1 was launched in September, it rolled out running Android One. There’s also the MIUI version but it seems the Android community wants the lighter version of Android.

The poll Xiaomi posted on Twitter is now gone. It has disappeared, leading us to believe Xiaomi deleted it because the results were favorable to Android One and not the MIUI ROM. We really can’t find the poll now but there’s a discussion on Reddit. We’re not surprised with the results but we’re surprised that Xiaomi would do such thing. Well, it’s still in their prerogative to post whatever information and certainly, anything that will bring negative feelings or perception is no longer needed.

VIA: Android Police

SOURCE: Reddit