We all know that the Android O will officially be “unveiled” soon but the question is actually when. Someone from Android Police claims he has insider knowledge about not just when this will happen but that he actually knows what O stands for. The big reveal, as well as the official release to the Pixel devices, is expected to happen on August 21. And it looks like they’re building it around another important event that will happen that day: the solar eclipse.

According to a series of tweets by David Ruddock, his unnamed source has said the reveal will be happening on the day of the solar eclipse. Google is also planning a major event out of that, and since the eclipse is a major phenomenon as well, we can assume it will be built around that. He did not however give any clue as to what the name will be, as he didn’t want to “ruin the surprise”. There has been speculation for some time now that it will be Oreo, given that it’s always been a sweet dessert and they’ve also previously tied up with a major brand, namely KitKat.

Another thing that will happen on August 21 according to Ruddock is that the Android O update will be released to Google’s current flagship devices, the Pixel and the Pixel XL. No news though as to when it will be officially released to the other OEMs and carriers and then eventually to the devices. Given our past experiences with major Google updates, don’t hold your breath.

Based on the final developer preview released a few weeks ago, Android 8.0 O, you can expect features like toggles in the app info menu, adaptive notification dots, changes in the font, lock screen, and notifications, new app system icons, etc. Hopefully, we’ll know more about it come August 21.

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