Scientists and ordinary citizens with an interest in natural phenomenon are pretty excited for August 21 as it is the day of the full solar eclipse, the first one the US will experience after a hundred or so years. But apparently now Google is trying to steal a bit of the limelight as they announced that the official reveal of the Android O will also be on that day, through a livestream at 2:40 ET. The major update will also start rolling out that day for those who have Pixel and the newer Nexus devices.

The name of the update will also be revealed, as well as all the other “super (sweet) new powers” that will come with it. Rumors are flying of course that it will be “Oreo” as Google has previously tied up with another sweet brand, KitKat, for Android 4.4. In fact, there was an accidental post on Google+ with the name of the video file visible and it was “GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4,” but was immediately replaced with “Octopus Teaser.mp4” which can be a misdirect or maybe we’ll be meeting our first Android update named after an animal.

All the promotional copy that they have so far seem to be referring to something sweet as well as something round. The former we’re of course familiar given the past names have all been about desserts while the latter may indicate it is indeed Oreo or maybe they wanted to really go with the eclipse branding. Or it can be both. Either way, we just have a couple of days to find out.

If you’re more interested in the actual eclipse though, Google also has a major project for that. They are looking for “citizen scientists” who will be able to contribute to the Eclipse Megamovie 2017 that they will be creating for the scientific community and the general public. They need more than 1,000 volunteer photographers and “amateur astronomers” who will be taking pictures and videos during the solar eclipse. Go to to find out more.

SOURCE: Google

VIA: SlashGear, Softpedia