It’s time to go out and get digital! Some of the biggest little names in Android are having a bit of a gathering in NYC and you’re invited! Just so long as you’re not a crazy person and you love Android, some of our favorite names in the green game are coming together for a night of well-mannered frivolity in the name of everyone’s favorite mobile operating system. And it’s in New York City, so everyone can fly on in if they really really need someone to drink with!

This event takes place this Friday and it’s running all around Bleeker Street and some close by streets and avenues, and all of this is coming your way courtesy of Vicious Eats, a blog about all things delicious. Now before we continue, you must be asking yourself: why announce such an event if you don’t live in NYC, Burnsy? And Cory, he lives down by Las Vegas, right? Shane, he’s in NYC maybe, Chris is in London… who the heck do you have going to this event?

None other than our main main Simms22 will be at this bar crawl, and if you go, you’re REQUIRED to purchase him a drink. No exceptions! The official rules of this crawl are simple: don’t murder anyone, you’ve gotta be legal enough to go to these bars and drink, and you’ve got to follow all the rules. The original text as is written by the master of ceremonies at Vicious Eats is thus:

Hello humanoids! It’s officially going down on Friday, July 22! We will be attempting a meetup and drink-em-down session consisting of some of the coolest Android users, abusers, and enthusiasts in New York City. Thus far only a few names are added to the list, but hopefully in one month we can add a few more to the list to join us as we go coo-coo-bananas from West 4th and crawl over to the Lower East Side. Party starts at around 10pm so jump in the line any time. If you would like to RSVP just fill out the form below [LINK BELOW].

Bar Crawl Checkpoints

1849, 183 Bleeker St., NYC

Wicked Willy’s, 149 Bleeker St., NYC

The Bitter End, 147 Bleeker St., NYC

Von, 3 Bleeker St., NYC

Crime Scene, 3 Bleeker St.

Slainte, 304 Bowery, NYC

Cozy Cafe (for the hookah if all in), 43 East 1 St., NYC

Croxley Ales, 28 Ave. B, NYC

Billy Hurricanes, 25 Ave. B, NYC

Bob Bar (perfect closer, especially if you dance), 233 Eldridge St., NYC

This, ladies, gentlemen, and rapscallions, is the list of spots. Of course two things are always encouraged:

• Spontaneity (if we stumble upon some cool shix)
• Pre-gaming (definitely a $$$ saver and an early buzz)

In the event that you think anything should be added or omitted, please feel more than free to hit me up and let me know on Twitter, or in email, or on GTalk if you have me or would like to add me on your list.

Check out the sign-up list at Vicious Eats!