Coming soon to your desk: Google has teamed up with artist Andrew Bell to create a gaggle of miniature plastic Androids, to be sold individually or in cases of 16.

The boxes are generic, so it’s luck of the draw as far as which one you’ll get.  Unless you want a whole case.  But wait!  There will be “super rare chase editions.” And this is only Series One.

I predict several AC members will soon be parted from some cash in order to get their hands on these little guys. Will there be trading in the forum so you can get the one you wanted, or complete your set? You bet there will. Will your workspace be reduced to a playground for tiny robots? Oh, probably. Are some of us going to turn into ten year olds, and run around the house going, “Pew! Pew! Pew!”? No comment.

If you want-it-want-it-waaaant-iiit!, you can get them soon at DYZ Plastic.

[via Android Central, via DYZ Plastic]