Android Messages just received a smart reply option only on Project Fi two weeks ago. It’s only one of the updates released after learning Google Duo would be integrated with Android Messages and the time update stopped notifications for some users. Another round of updates is in the works and some developers happened to preview them in an APK teardown. The next version of the app will show a web interface that will remind you a lot of the Allo.

The next update will add payments for businesses and more Google-enhanced chat features. Android Messages for the web means the service can run on laptop or desktop in the near future. As with Allo, the feature lets you pair with a smartphone for easy sending of messages.

People say this is very similar to Apple’s iMessage. If you’ve tried that and if that’s the case, then you can say Android Messages will be more than useful and convenient.

This new feature of Android Messages is known as ‘Ditto’ but we’re expecting ‘Messages for web’ will be its official name. Setting up should be the same with Allo: go to a website, pair the phone, and scan a QR code. The service will then link to the smartphone to send messages. Signed in devices will also be shown in the settings.

VIA: Android Police


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