It seems like Android is not going to mess with the instant messaging market, or at least make a play to gain more market share. The mothership looks like it is content with what they have now: Allo, Hangouts, and Android Messages (for SMS). These apps will not upset the leading trio of WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger. But it looks like Google is willing to deal with an issue that has long been the gap for Android users – sending text messages from your laptop or desktop PC.

Texting from your computer has been a mainstay in iOS, and the Apple ecosystem has clearly done well here. This is not available on Android, so a bunch of third party apps – like AirDroid and MightyText – have jumped in to fill this gap. The people at XDA have dug into the code of Android Messages and found that the latest version of the app may allow you to easily send text messages from your computer soon.

The code and evidences show that users will be able to go to a webpage, scan a QR code, and the browser connects with your Android phone to provide an easier way to send texts. The code also indicates that multiple browsers and multiple computers will be supported with this feature, if it comes to reality.

This will not be enough to bring Android Messages to the fore of messaging, but it fills a gap that should have been dealt with ages ago. That said, Google will have our thanks when this happens.



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