Trust XDA Developers to help you make smart and informed decisions especially when it comes to mobile devices and mobile OS. Comparing two models are common but we don’t often see performance tests between the new Android Nougat and Android Marshmallow. This time, we can know the difference. If you’re curious to know if the Android 7.0 Nougat is faster than the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, watch the video below to find out.

You’ll see in the video the speed of each device during boot time, opening apps, app installs, and scores from several benchmarks tests. Using two Nexus 6Ps running Nougat and Marshmallow, we can see that one is clearly faster than the other.

It’s Nougat versus Marshmallow. The device on the right is obviously faster. Scores gathered from different benchmark tests are as follows:

◙ AnTutu – Marshmallow 73960 / Nougat 65162
◙ Geekbench 4 – Marshmallow (1218 single-core and 2281 multi-core) / Nougat ( 687 single-core and 1908 multi-core)
◙ BaseMarkOS II – Marshmallow 1410 / Nougat 498
◙ PCMARK – Marshmallow 4287 / Nougat 4244
◙ 3DMARK- Marshmallow 1233 / Nougat 1128

The final verdict? Android 6.0 is still faster. We didn’t get the exact time but you can notice the improvements in navigation. It’s really faster and more intuitive on both platforms but for this purpose, we saw the Android slaying it although a very close call.


    • In my opinion, you can go ahead.
      Now I am not a well versed tech savvy user but a common man who loves to use mobile phones. I used marshmallow on my Nexus 6P and after I upgraded it to Nouget I too feel the improvement in battery and overall mobile experience. (I had used the public beta too and had liked it) There has been nothing wrong so far and I have experienced only better performance 🙂

    • Totally disagree on the battery. I’m having to charge my phone during the day now, I only had to charge it when I went to bed on Marshmallow.

      • Mine too was like that after the upgrade, but I did a factory reset and then doze works perfect! And the battery got waaaay better.

      • I really recommend it! I just checked the backup settings on the phone that it was on, and all my photos are on Google photo so all there is stored in the cloud. If you choose high quality it doesn’t that space from your drive. Then I restored, lost my SMS and phone logs but , don’t mind a clean up there once in a while 😉 then all my apps came automatically back with my background photo etc.

      • Well…There are free apps that lets you back up your SMS and phone logs even your app data(like titanium backup)but without root!


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