The OnePlus One continues to have a large ownership in the Android mobile device ecosystem, and most of these users and owners are waiting for the Android Marshmallow rollout that was promised to them. Well, that day has quietly arrived. CyanogenMod’s CM13 has launched a stable version, so we knew that the wait would not be long. OnePlus says the staged rollout has already begun.

Cyanogen OS is finally getting its Marshmallow update for OnePlus One. There was a bit of confusion first if this was a CM13 update for OnePlus One or a Cyanogen OS one. After a few confirmations, we can say that this is a Cyanogen OS Android Marshmallow update indeed, and that should make a lot of you OnePlus One users out there happy.


The original poster on the forum (via source link below) linked to the changelog of CM13, so we can assume a few things – mainly that most new stuff from CM13 will have their own equivalents in the Cyanogen OS update. Some people are already reporting changes on the specific modifications and features only found in Cyanogen OS, so we will have to wait for an official changelog from OnePlus.

The rollout is staged, so not everyone will be getting this at the same time. And it’s only available via OTA for now, now factory image to use for flashing as of now. We can wait as more information about this leaks trickles down the channels.



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