There’s no doubt that Gingerbread, Android 2.3, is coming. Everyone knows it, and now we’re all just forced to play the waiting game. With Google working behind the scenes, and right in the front yard, to bring Gingerbread to the Android loving masses, getting updates as they happen, especially for developers, is a welcomed addition. This time around, on the heels of news that the entire Android Market is in the process of getting upgraded, we find out that the development interface is getting updated, too, bringing high resolution graphics to the fore, along with promotional videos.

The updates are meant for the development side of the Market, aimed primarily for developers putting applications into the market. Specifically, with the use of high resolution graphics and images, it’s obvious that Google intends to market these apps not just on phones, but TVs, and tablets, too. It also alludes the possibility that Google could be getting ready to change up the Market as a whole, too. Anyone else just biting the bit waiting to get their hands on Gingerbread?

[via AndroidPolice]