Along with many other things as of late, Google just tipped everyone off about another great change coming to the Android Marketplace. The change I’m talking about today is application size. Currently applications in the market are limited to 50MB. In general this is a pretty large size for most apps and has worked great for a long time, but with the ever changing technology and games getting bigger and better along with hardware such as the Tegra 2 dual-core chip, games and applications have also increased in size.

the 50MB limit we have now was fine until we started getting more intense games and graphic enhancements. Today Google announced they are increasing this to 4GB, a huge increase in app size limit. This will eliminate almost all secondary installs. Like when you download Gun Bro’s but then start the app only to find out you need to download an additional 150mb of data to the SD card. This issue will be gone once the 4GB limit is included.

This is just one of many changes coming to the Android Market, another thing Google mentioned today was the option for developers to “exclude” or blacklist devices from installing their particular app. So when a developer doesn’t support a certain device yet, or an older phone they can simply blacklist that model so users wont install it only to have issues later that blow up his email account. These are great things to come for both users, and developers.