A semi-common criticism of Android devices in many reviews is that the Android Market isn’t as well established as, say, Apple’s App Store.  While that’s still the case, it looks like Android is certainly beginning to accelerate the catch-up process.

AndroLib have been tracking the number of new applications added to the Android Market, and churning the figures to work out how many apps per month have been submitted.  Turns out, March 2010 saw a significant jump in developer activity: over nine thousand new titles, versus 5.5k in February.

April 2010, meanwhile, has over two thousand new apps already, and we’re only a third of the way through.  There’s no theorising from AndroLib as to what happened to provoke the jump, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the launch of the HTC Desire (and the HTC Legend) at MWC 2010 the previous month had something to do with it.


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