Google has already released the Android L Developer Preview, and that means some fun for a select group of users. You know, those willing to play around and put up with the quirks and bugs. But as we often see — the release of a file such as this Developer Preview also means something for the average end user.

In this case we have already seen a fair selection of goodies coming from the Android L Developer Preview. Those included a variety of apps, and also the keyboard. Users may experience some quirks with the apps or keyboard, but the risk is certainly lower as compared to installing the full preview release on your device — especially if that device is considered a daily driver.


Having said that, it now looks like there is something else Android L related. And nicely, this newest addition removes all the risk. The Android L wallpapers have been extracted from the Developer Preview and posted for any and all that want to put them on their current non-Android L running handset. Two of the wallpapers are seen here in the post, and there are eleven wallpapers in total.

You can download the collection of wallpapers using this link, or follow the via link below for the complete list of Android L goodies. And otherwise, those looking for the keyboard or those other apps should head into the Story Timeline sitting below for the details and links.

VIA: xda developers