Are you craving for some lemon meringue pie? Well, Google seems to be hankering for some as more evidence seems to indicate that the upcoming Android release, codenamed Android L, will be called “LMP”. And since it has always been all about sweet nothings when it comes to naming Android updates, then the initials most likely stand for this tangy dessert, unless you can think of any other sweet that the LMP can mean.

Multiple sources indicate that the Android “L” is being referred to as “lmp” and since the final build isn’t available yet, Google most probably will not confirm nor deny this. Let’s look at all the “evidence” that shows that we will probably all be buying lemon merengue pie in the next few months as speculation continues to grow until the official release of “lmp”. The current preview builds for the Nexus 5 and 7 are referred to as the “lmp-preview-release” based on the extract from the Android SDK. Another document that supports this is the WiFi certification for HTC’s upcoming tablet called Volantis. In the specs sheet, the firmware is listed as LMP as well.


Another key evidence for #teamLemonMeringuePie is the fact that when you search for the initials “lmp” on the Android Open Source Project repository, there are nine hits already. One of them even has LMP on its subject heading. However, it’s still not concrete proof that it will actually be called that, since the previous build was referred to as Key Lime Pie in internal documents, but ended up being called KitKat (probably for that weird tie-up with Nestle though).


All the speculation for the official name is fun (and making us crave for baked goods) but what’s more important for users is what new things Android L will bring about. Some initial reports indicate it will include multi-user account, a new Material Design, and ART runtime by default among other things.

VIA: Android Police