If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make Android apps and to maneuver more deeply into the platform, now is your chance to attend a course that has been “sanctioned” by Google themselves, teaming up with General Assembly (GA). The Android Development Immersive training course marks the first time that Google Developers have built and designed such a program, all in the name of bringing over more developers and tech people into the Android fold.

The bootcamp aims to train developers to bring even more high-quality apps into the market, both beautifully designed and fully functional. The training will be done by the best instructors from Google and GA and using the “latest and greatest” when it comes to hands-on materials. According to Jake Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of GA, the demand for high-caliber developers in the current is extremely high, and so having trainings like this for their students is crucial so they can meet the demands of the job market. Partnering with Google is of course a big boon for the school and their students.

Aside from developing the necessary Android development skills, those who will enroll in the bootcamp will also be able to have access to GA’s Outcomes program, which will give career preparation services and support, like preparing portfolio-ready projects, career development workshops, networking events to make contacts and meet possible employers and other assistance to further developers’ careers. GA has and online job search platform and close to 2,000 global hiring partners, including popular multi-media journalistic venture Vice Media.

The Android Development Immersive training course will be a full-time 12-week course, which will start this January in the New York campus of GA. It will also start in February in the San Francisco campus and then rollout to other campuses over the next few months.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog