Google’s mobile blog has posted their official video for the unveiling of the newest sculpture to grace the lawn at Google’s Building 44, this one being the most complicated of the whole crew. As you may already be aware, each time a new version of Android comes out, it’s given the name of a tasty treat. The name for Android 2.3 was Gingerbread, thusly a gigantic Gingerbread man is highly visible behind the Honeycomb sculpture you’ll soon see being erected in the video below. Behold the loveliness of the Android tablet OS in gigantic plastic form.

Again I must mention that this is by far the most complicated sculpture they’ve added to the grassy area in front of Google’s Building 44, more than likely showing the complexity inherent in the system as this OS is meant to be more of an all-encompassing system than any Android platform released before. You’ll see two-toned honeycomb, a gigantic terrifying bee, and an Andy the Android poking through the bottom, looking up at his black and yellow friend.

Interestingly enough this Android seems to be basically the same size as the one that appeared in the Sony Ericsson commercial from a few weeks ago, the one where he gets some human thumbs grafted on to show the neatness of the PlayStation phone. Is this this standard size of the 3D character Andy?

This mystery is severely important.

[via Google Mobile Blog]