McAfee is one of the larger security and virus protection companies out the. The company has put a lot of work into helping to secure Android devices with their soaring popularity for users and as targets for attackers. McAfee has said that Android is plagued by the most Malware of all OS’. The amount of malicious software targeting Android has grown 76% in the last quarter according to McAfee.

McAfee also reports that overall it found 12 million unique types of malware in the first half of the year. That number is an increase of 22% from last year during the same period. The company notes that the attacks are becoming more sophisticated. That means that the attacks are staying unnoticed for longer periods, and thereby infecting more devices.

Android surpassed Symbian as the most targeted mobile operating system in the world. Android is increasingly becoming a target for cybercriminals says McAfee. That is a concern for Android users and while the openness of Android is a big plus, Apple may feel pretty smug in that it checks out each app hands on to prevent malware from apps that are purchased via iTunes.

[via CNET]


  1. I’d rather be dealing with the possibility of malware than have Mother Apple and Father Steve telling me things are taken care of and there is no need to worry (it’s about that time that you should start worrying). Malware is a fact of life, and the sooner people deal with it, the better—no one is immune, no corporation is immune.


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