Research for the month of October shows Android is still king of the mobile landscape. Analytics firm comScore has released their monthly report on smartphone market share, and it shows Google’s operating system is still on top. Second is Apple and their iOS, while Blackberry — in a downward spiral — continues to embarrass Microsoft by holding firm at number three, even with a significant loss in users.

The data is cumulative, and done every three months. In analyzing the data, Android jumped 0.4% to hold a 52.2% market share, while Apple holds on with 40.6%, a 0.2% hike from July, when the last analysis was done. Blackberry continues to be somewhat significant with 3.6% market share, a drop of 0.7% from three months ago. Microsoft gained 0.2% to reach 3.2%, and Symbian continues to annoy with 0.2%, a drop of 0.1% from July.

In regard to top OEMs, it’s not hard to figure out from the OS market share numbers. Apple is top dog with — you guessed it — 40.6% of all phones made, while Samsung gets a 1.3% jump to 25.4%. A distant third is the resurgent Motorola with 7.0%, and HTC takes a dive to 6.7%, a 1.3% drop-off from July. Rounding out the top five is LG with 6.6%.

In regard to hard numbers, these are pretty static by now. The real change — and danger — comes at the bottom of the heap. With Apple’s tried-and-true formula giving them as much hardware presence as software, the Android race is left to those vying for the secondary spot behind Samsung. Motorola seems primed to regain their prominence, though LG holds promise as well. We can be concerned that HTC seems to be sliding down, as their One lineup may not be the silver bullet they’d hoped for.