There’s a great video showing a user successfully testing a dual boot of the HTC Touch Pro 2 running on Android. The Touch Pro 2 originally came running Windows Mobile and Sprint users have been itching to see how well the little robot can work on it. Well the good news is, it’s performance is quite sound. Navigating the screen works with snap, the hardware keys can go to home and turn the display on and off, there’s also a power off option including booting back into Windows Mobile (though why would you?).

Phone calls work great, as does the notifications bar and SMS text messaging. The App tray pops up, but it is a bit lagging. Adding shortcuts, widgets and folders work with some hesitation. But the browser launches showing data exchange works. Both Hardware and software keyboards work just fine and speed will depend on your connection. All messaging and emails work, and the tester was able to install apps from the Amazon Marketplace with no trouble at all.

In fact, it’s more of a question of what doesn’t work – which is limited to GPS, sound and bluetooth functions. Video backgrounds stream pretty impressively and the tester has gotten about 7 hours of battery life with what he calls heavy use. No word on what flavor of Android was used, but the feat was done as part of the XDAndroid project for Windows Devices. Man, considering that the Touch Pro 2 was designed to be a Windows platform, the flexibility of Android to be ported onto it with slick performance is nothing short of impressive.

[via PocketNow]