Mad Catz, having released pricing and availability info for their upcoming MOJO gaming console, has a bit more to offer. While the Android gaming console will debut this December, and run $249.99, users will also have the ability to stream PC games to their TV through the set-top box.

The MOJO was a bit of a late entry into the Android gaming console wars, having been beaten to the proverbial punch by the likes of OUYA and GameStick. Even NVIDIA got into to mix with Project SHIELD, which gave users the ability to play Steam games on the handheld. MOJO will also offer PC gaming, though the method wasn’t specified.

In terms of Android gaming consoles, each has their own special niche. OUYA is meant as a robust, standalone ecosystem that almost happens to run Android, while the GameStick is meant as a portable solution for your Android TV gaming needs. Project SHIELD ups the ante for mobility, but the small screen may deter some of us. MOJO is more of a powerhouse device, with a price tag to match, but could end up being the runaway winner.


The MOJO has an updated Tegra 4 processor, and will come with Play Store and Amazon App Store loaded, giving you the ability to stream games you already own. With the addition of PC gaming, and a dedicated controller for the action, the MOJO may just give us the best all-around experience.

The ability to stream PC games will not come with the MOJO out of the box, though. Mad Catz notes it will see a software update shortly after launch, though they don’t offer a time frame. The MOJO was already offering a lot, so PC gaming is just icing on the Android cake.


  1. Has there been any update as to how the PC streaming will work? Or the requirements? Does it need a usb > gigabit ethernet dongle for 1080p? Does it work with Steam? I’ve been trying to get an answer from MadCatz via social media, but no one seems to want to answer me.


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