Monetization remains a concern for developers of mobile games. As the Play Store closes the gap on the App Store regarding overall payouts to developers, the average cost per title remains disparate. For Android developers, a new revenue stream may be opening up.

Bluestacks, which brings Android titles to the PC, is set to allow for some titles to be downloadable to PC. Partnering with Big Fish, Android developers will now be allowed to distribute and monetize via their network. In a statement, Big Fish CEO Paul Thelen said;

“This throws open the doors of Big Fish’s PC and Mac app store to mobile developers all over the world. It means extra distribution and monetization with no development work.”

Announced at the Casual Connect conference in Kiev, this is big news for mobile game developers. As PC sales decline, the need to port a game was dwindling. For developers, the upside was hard to find: it could mean lots of work, for little to no return. With Big Fish and Bluestacks, developers write once and deploy almost endlessly.

Bluestacks boasts a reach of nearly 100 million screens, and has partners such as Lenovo and Intel. Big Fish has roughly 4,000 PC games on their network, and says they’ve been downloaded over two billion times since launch.

VIA: All things D