Every day there are more and more details becoming available about the Android Mobile operating system. On the Official Google Mobile Blog, Android software engineer Andy Stadler states that Android’s goal is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

Google aims to integrate their search tools as a platform wide feature. Every Android application that uses a search will have a special menu option, Applications using maps for instance will support a type-to-search feature, others such as Android Market will have search buttons, the home screen will have different available search widgets. The keyboard even includes its very own search key.

Android search services will also include suggestive searches as you type in a query. The G1 will offer suggestive searching on Google web searches; for other applications, such as Gmail or YouTube, suggestions will be based on past searches. Google has shared an API, sample code, documentation and related tools with third-party developers so that their applications will implement basic search services as well.

[Via Fierce Mobile Content]