Have you ever considered a smartphone’s flash and flashlight ability as a reason for choosing the next device you’ll be buying? Well, probably not, as there are a lot of other factors to consider when buying a new gadget. But just in case you were curious about the various levels of flashes that all the latest flagship devices have, YouTuber Jerome Ortega has got you covered. He had a showdown among the following smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, Nexus 6P, iPhone 6S Plus, and HTC 10.

To conduct this semi-scientific test, he set up a tripod at almost ground level and aimed the smartphones at the same set of objects placed in front of a door. He of course turned the light off and then turned on the flashlight of each of the smartphones, then took pictures of what the objects look light with just the flash as the point of illumination. He also tried it from another angle and with both tests, it looks like the flash of the Samsung Galaxy S7 proved to be the brightest in this real world test.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 19.09.37

Screenshot 2016-06-20 19.59.06

He then also tried using a light meter to measure the capability of each of the same smartphones. He turned the lux to the 100x range. The result of that test again showed that the Galaxy S7 is the brightest with 1,910 lux, followed by the LG G5 with its 1,664 lux, then the Nexus 6P with 1,217 lux, the iPhone 6S Plus with just 911 lux, and lastly, the HTC 10 at just 789.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 20.01.34

Now, will this affect your choice for a next smartphone? Probably not majorly. But if you take a lot of photos in low light conditions, then this can be a consideration for you.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 20.00.19