Many Facebook users have criticized the Facebook application as lacking in stability and functionality. In fact, the Android Facebook application was so bad that Facebook forced its own employees to use Android devices so they can work the kinks out of the app a while back. If you’re an avid Facebook user on your Android device, a new update for the application is now available that brings a nice new feature.

Once you apply the new Facebook for Android app update, you will now be able to moderate comments on your Facebook posts directly from the mobile application. That means no more having to wait until you get home to delete a annoying comment on something you posted. I think we can all relate to that one Facebook Friend with a tendency to post inappropriate or downright rude comments.

Deleting the comments is very easy and straightforward. All a user has to do is update their app, and then tap the comment you want to delete. A little pop-up window will open asking you to touch the comment or cancel if you didn’t want to delete the comment.

If you hit the delete icon, the comment is gone for good. This is a nice way to deal with comments or drama generated by people you know and acquaintances on your Facebook wall. The update brings the Facebook for Android app to version 3.1.

The app is 3.22 MB in size and is a free download. If you’ve updated your app recently, you may already have this feature. The update was made available on May 9.