To prove that their data security and privacy protocols are good enough for your company, Google announced that their Android Enterprise system has just received several validations specifically the ISO 27001 and SO 2 and 3 certifications. This is an encouragement for companies still looking for flexible systems and tools that should “keep corporate and personal data secure” since these certifications are industry standards that take their recommendations seriously after much analysis and “investigation”. And so Google is hoping to gain consumers’ trust with this particular product.

The ISO 27001 certification, granted by the International Organization for Standardization means that the security practices and procedures for things within the Android Enterprise like Android Management API, zero-touch enrolment and managed Google Play have met the strictest industry standards when it comes to privacy and security. The certification gives a pretty comprehensive list of requirements for information management systems, best practices, and a list of security controls when it comes to information risk management.

Meanwhile, the SOC 2 and 3 reports are done by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Trust Services. The auditors assessed the information systems as related to security, processing integrity, availability, confidentiality, and privacy. Once they determine that the organization meets all their principles and criteria, only then do they issue their seal of approval. Android Enterprise when through an audit which included methodology of documentation and procedures for data management.

Google said that they are invested in protection and management tools so that anyone who chooses to use Android Enterprise will have their data not just secure but protected. Having these external validations will be helpful in convincing companies and enterprises to do so.

Now whether you believe that Google actually protects your data, whether ordinary consumer or enterprise, that is another discussion.