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For years, Windows has dominated the computer OS screen. No doubt Microsoft has dominated the PC industry for many reasons but not anymore in terms of Internet usage. It is no longer the dominant OS according to StatCounter who reported that Android has already overtaken Windows as the most popular operating system in the world, at least, in Internet use. This is in terms of total internet usage across mobile, desktop, and laptop.

So it’s Google versus Microsoft this time. Not Microsoft versus Apple nor Google versus Apple. For the first time in history of tech, Windows is behind with only 37.91% of Android’s 37.93%. Okay, so that’s not exactly a huge gap but the fact is still there. There are more Android users now compared to Windows users. We’re talking about not just mobile but data also include both laptop and desktop PCs.

Looking at the regions, North America Windows is on top with 39.5% share. Apple’s iOS is at 25.7% while Android 21.2%. In Europe, Windows is still the most popular with 51.7% and Android at 23.6%. It’s a different case in Asia as Android dominates Windows with 52.2% and 29.2% share, respectively. Data were from last March.

This study is important and interesting because it was only five years ago when Android only held 2.4 percent of the global internet usage according to StatCounter’s CEO Aodhan Cullen. This phenomenal growth is mainly due to the popularity of smartphones in accessing the internet. There are more people using their Android phones to access their email, social networks, and online communities compared to before when they need to log into their laptops or PCs whether at home, school, or office. In this day and age, netizens have their smartphones in their hands. Some people don’t have just one but two Internet-enabled smartphones.

Sales of traditional PCs have also been seeing a decline. Windows fans don’t need to worry though because Microsoft still dominates the “worldwide operating system desktop market”. This is for the laptop and personal computer only at 84%—mobile not included. Don’t be confused. Android overtaking Windows is only in terms of internet use. The number for mobile may even be bigger once AI, Augmented Reality, and Continuum become more popular.

SOURCE: StatCounter


  1. It is not only Windows but look at Apple OSs. MacOS declined in iOS best is flat. Android appears to be taking share from iPhone.

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