Earlier today we talked a little about the Android Army in terms of raw Android app downloads, and now this afternoon Google has released the latest Android distribution numbers for June showing some significant number changes. As usual this update shows developers the different Android version and platform distribution numbers, and as expected, Jelly Bean is still on the rise.

The world’s favorite and best mobile OS isn’t slowing down, and neither is the latest version. It’s still crazy that Gingerbread is somehow in the lead still, but soon enough Jelly Bean will surpass the aging Gingerbread man and take charge. Last month Gingerbread was sitting around 38.5% and now it’s down to just 36.5% – showing a 2% drop in a month.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is still holding strong, running on roughly 25.6% of all Android devices, while Jelly Bean is quickly reaching the top of the charts, just like that Macklemore song. Android 4.1 and 4.2 Jelly Bean now combine for 33% of all Android OS installs, and that will quickly become the highest. Probably by the end of summer.


With Android 4.3 Jelly Bean coming up next, and reportedly getting announced next week, JB should reach the top sooner than we expect. Keep in mind these numbers come from Google based on devices that check-in and are active on the Play Store over the past few weeks, so surely tons are missing like many of those old knockoff tablets, or devices without Play Store support.

With 48 billion app installs, 900 million new Android activations last year, and Jelly Bean adoption only increasing by the day things are looking good. Now all we need is Google/Motorola to drop that Android 4.3 X-Phone on us. Who’s with me?

SOURCE: Android


  1. cant wait till cm10.1 stable comes out. Its going to be my first time rooting an android phone. Goodbye gingerbread! So excited.


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