When last we saw Google’s official numbers for the distribution of Android versions among the 250,000,000 devices out there, Android 4.0 made its debut with just .6% of measured devices. One month later the number of Ice Cream Sandwich phones and tablets has almost doubled! …which is a nicer thing to say than “it’s got a whole percent of devices.” Between the handful of official releases of ICS, one in every hundred Android devices is running the latest software version. Not great, but not unexpected just ten weeks after its open-source debut.

So far there’s only three devices that officially run Ice Cream Sandwich: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (in both its international GSM and US CDMA flavors) the Huawei Honor and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Of course Android is a haven for modders and ROM flashers, so tens of thousands of savvy users (at the very least) are running ICS built from Android’s source code or based on leaked software updates. Elsewhere in the Android universe, Gingerbread holds steadily onto the leads with 58.6% of devices, Froyo comes in second with27.8% (more than a year after Gingerbread was released) and Honeycomb has an embarrassingly small 3.4% of total devices.

If what we saw at CES 2012 is any indication, the number of available ICS devices is set to greatly expand in the next 3-6 months. Huawei seems to be leading the charge, showing off ICS running on various Ascend models, and both HTC and Samsung have leaked phones running Ice Cream Sandwich set to debut at Mobile World Congress later this month. Pretty much every major manufacturer has committed to upgrading current phones to Ice Cream Sandwich, and Sony Ericsson notably did so for every phone they released in 2011.

[via Android Developers]