If you’re an iOS user (but what are you doing here?), the news is bad in terms of a new study in the Scandinavian region regarding voice and data signal strength. But if you’re a loyal Android consumer, then you will be pleased to see the results of said independent study. The report from Danemark’s Nordic Council of Ministers show that Android smartphones are better in this aspect and that iPhones have signal problems, at least in that specific region.

The study was conducted on 26 different handsets, the most popular ones in the Scandinavian region and they were tested for both their data and signal strength. They focused on the GSM and LTE bands, since these are the most popular among countries in that region. They were also tested when hand held and in open spaces. And remember, this does not reflect the whole world, but it does give a glimpse into the strength and weaknesses of the phones that were tested.

Samsung devices, specifically their flagships for the past two years, the Galaxy S6 and S7 were consistently ranked in the upper third. Erstwhile rivals Apple, particularly the iPhone 6 onwards, were almost always at the bottom. As for other brands, Sony’s Xperia Z3 Compact, Z5 and Z5 Compact had mixed results so we cannot consistently judge the brand itself. The Huawei devices (P9, Nexus 6P, etc) and the LG G5 and HTC 10 also were not that well-ranked.

How they were able to conduct the test and get the results may be a little bit too technical for some. But if you’re the type who’d appreciate going through a report like this, then click here.

VIA: Phone Arena