Google released the Android Device Manager app back in mid-December. While the app offered plenty in terms of functionality, there was something many felt it was lacking. The missing item was security related, and seemingly something that should have been included at launch — a password prompt when you launch the app.

After all, given the app offers the ability to locate or ring, as well as wipe the device — this isn’t something you would want others to be able to access so easily. Well, that all having been said, it seems Google has added the one feature that many had been waiting for. An updated release of the Android Device Manager app has surfaced in the Play Store and it added a password prompt.

In addition to having the password prompt when you launch the app, users will also need to enter their account password when/if they switch accounts. Obviously, that second part will only be noticed by those who are logged into multiple Google accounts on their device. Otherwise, along with the security portion of the update, Google also made mention of some unspecified “bug fixes and performance improvements.”

Of course, the key features remain and those include being able to locate any and all devices associated with your Google account on a map, being able to ring that device (should it be lost somewhere in your home), being able to remotely lock the device, and also being able to remotely wipe the device. As always, you can grab the latest version of the app by grabbing your device, launching the Play Store and checking for updates.

SOURCE: Google Play Store