There are hordes of apps on the Android Market for all sorts of needs. Some of the apps make huge money for the developers and others just sort of take up space. One developer is mad at Google after one of his money making apps was pulled with no explanation from the Android Market.

The app in question is called Rapid Download and according to the developer, Google didn’t even tell him it had been pulled. He only found out when the money stopped coming in from sales. The guy apparently contacted Google repeatedly and on the third time, someone finally responded.

The catch is that he claims the only details offered were generic and he still doesn’t know why the app was pulled. The dev also notes that the statement from Google with the vague general info also had a threat that if he violated the rules again all his apps could be pulled. The guy is fighting back and rallying other devs to fight with him if they feel they have been treated unfairly. I wonder if this will turn into some sort of class action.

[via Engadget]