Yesterday at the Android Dev Summit, Google revealed a number of updates and new features. There are several improvements to Instant Discovery, Android Slices, and In-app Updates API among others. Aside from introducing Android support for foldables, the tech giant has rolled out updates to Kitlin, Android Slices, Android Jetpack, Android Studio, and Android App Bundles and dynamic features. Instant discovery lets instant apps to adopt more easily. The In-app Updates API was introduced as well for developers to provide a full-screen experience. The API also allows a user to wait for an update and apply it immediately.

Instant Discovery allows an app developer to make changes to his app and take his play store traffic to send users to an instant experience. App size limit is up to 10MB. If you’re developing a new app, you may create an instant-enabled app bundle right on Android Studio 3.3 beta.

Android Studio 3.3 is ready on beta. It will focus on quality and fundamentals, optimize memory usage, fix user-impacting bugs, and reduce those hangs and crashes.

Such app bundle supports uncompressed native libraries. It makes an app smaller by 8% while getting smaller in size on M+ phones.

An app functionality or feature can be set ready on demand. Meanwhile, dynamic features let you install/uninstall dynamically when the app makes a request.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog