Android Dev Summit 2019 Registration

The Android division often holds special tech events. The last one that made us busy was the Google I/O Conference back in May. The next big one will happen in October when the next-gen Pixel 4 series will be introduced. There’s also the Android Dev Summit happening in the same month. Specifically, the dates October 23 and 24 are reserved for the event where the tech giant will make important announcements. Last year, we shared with you all new things from Google that was presented during the summit.

The next summit is happening in a few months. If you’re interested and we highly recommend you join, register. Registration is open for Android Dev Summit 2019. It’s a venue where you can learn more about Android development, share and learn new skills, share feedback, and give ideas to the Android engineering team. Other Android developers from other countries will be there so feel free to connect with them.

Google’s two-day conference will be held at the Google Event Center (MP7) in Sunnyvale, California. Expect to encounter and cover several topics like Android Studio, Jetpak, Kotlin, and Android Q among others. The Android engineering team will be present to share all their knowledge and innovations for the most popular mobile platform.

At the Android Dev Summit, you can learn new practices in development so you accelerate productivity and come up with better mobile apps. Android devs will be present to provide answers to your questions. You may also share your feedback and ideas because you’ll never know who is listening.

If you can’t join, feel free to watch the livestream. All information will still be shared with the Android community but we suggest you join. Sign up first so you won’t miss any update on the event. Check out the registration page HERE. You can do it up to 5:00 PM on August 15.