Koushik Dutta, notably of the CyanogenMod Team, has released a video of a new project he’s working on. This particular one is a bit familiar, and we hope it ends up seeing the light of day in nightlies. Koush, as he’s affectionately known, has been working on mirroring for Android to the desktop, and from what we see in the video, it looks great.

Smooth, responsive, and without the stuttering you can see in other apps like AirDroid, Koush’s mirroring is a step ahead. The animations are smooth, and the scrolling action is fluid. We’re not sure where this could/would end up, but we hope it’s a feature that makes its way into the Cyanogen nightly build soon.

As you may know, Dutta was working on a Chromecast feature which would essentially allow any app to be streamed to the Google dongle. Named AllCast, the Cyanogen feature had many excited, as it meant we’d be able to bypass “official” Chromecast support from apps. His project was essentially dead when the Chromecast updated, and blocked the very functionality he was taking advantage of.

The video provides no explanation, leading us to believe he’s in the late stages of a work in progress. There is no dialogue to the video, it’s just a simple teaser. Whatever is going on, this is the first time we’ve seen mirroring from Android happen so smoothly, and we’re excited to see what comes of it.