If you’re a developer (or at least a good one), once you know how to make an app, the learning doesn’t stop from there. Especially now that everything is just so dynamic and ever-changing, you always need to keep updated with the latest tech, the newest developments in design, and all the new things that keep popping up every few months. Now, a free course about Android is available for developers everywhere who would be interested in learning more about the platform.

The course is simply entitled Android Design for Developers and has been developed by Google themselves, together with Udacity, an online education portal. It is a 5 lesson series that targets people who already have a background or a working knowledge of how to create Android apps or designers that need to understand the platform they’re working on. If you don’t know yet how to make Android apps, you can always take one of their Developing Android Apps course.

But if you already know how to, then this course will develop your design skills for Android. The first lesson is a crash course on developing for Android, including the “principles and implementation of material design.” The next one is all about “tangible surfaces” to help make your UI more understandable to the user. Lesson 3 tackles “bold graphic design” and all the principles that go behind it including space, color, typography, imagery. The 4th lesson deals with motion to make a more seamless and also intuitive experience. Lastly, you will learn how adaptive design is a must-have for any app you’re making.

If you want to take this course, simply head on over to the Udacity page to enroll. You would need to have the latest version of Android Studio and of course, have a device where you can try things out. The code is shared through Github, so you need to have access to it as well.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog