When Android launched, people all over the place commented on how ugly the general User Interface was. And, truth be told, as more and more companies released their own UI customizations, it seemed to make matters even worse for the vanilla experience. Even today, many people believe that the general look and feel of Android is ugly. But, let’s also look at the fact that customization exists. Don’t like the way your weather widget looks? There’s an option for that. And the list goes on and on — just like this video shows.

The video was created by one “Roy is on Android,” and it’s created solely to show you the way that Android can be customized. And this isn’t just within the phone, either. He shows you, right from the start, that using an application can radically alter the experience you have on your phone, right on the lock screen. So, go ahead and take a peek at the video below, and as Roy says, maybe it will inspire you to add some customizations to your own Android device.

[via RoyisonAndroid YouTube; thanks Kevin!]