Having device crash issues? It might just be your operating system. According to Crittercism, which just released a new report named “State of Mobile”, Gingerbread crashes the most among Android builds. The most stable? That honor goes to KitKat, Jelly Bean, and Ice Cream Sandwich.

Gingerbread crashes on users roughly 1.7% of the time. The other three? Only about 0.7% of the time. Crittercosm tapped into their one billion monthly users to spot these statistics, and provide a service that maximizes app performance. In addition to system crashes, the report also found that there were interesting metrics on app crashes.

According to the report, 47% of apps crash at least 1% of the time. Roughly 32% of apps shut down over 2% of the time, with games being the largest culprit. Games crash 4.4% of the time, or about twice as much as apps proper. Photo and video apps crash 1.8% of the time, which also contributes to these numbers.

We know what you’re wondering: what about iOS? Those incidents of the phone randomly rebooting aren’t fables. Apple’s iOS 7.1 crashes 1.6% of the time, while iOS 7 crashes at a 2.1% clip. Those iOS 6 holdouts are crashing at about 2.5%. That’s an interesting metric for those who tout iOS as more stable than Android.

What the study didn’t tell us what which runtime those on KitKat were running. While we assume most are using Dalvik, we’d love to see a breakout of those on ART as well. We’ve been runnign both internally, and have seen no crashing instances with ART, much less 0.7% of the time.

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  1. ART rocks on memory management and uses not more than 500 MB of RAM, just never runs runs out of memory, smooth transition, great frame pick-up awesome multi-tasking, location access and battery management! Like the iOS 6 and absolutely bored and disappointed with iOS 7!

  2. Back in the days of the original Droid I used to have stability issues with Android but I haven’t had any issues in quite a long while. If it weren’t for this article I wouldn’t have even thought about it anymore.. props to you Google!

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