It was not long ago that Apple’s lead in the tablet market was so dominate that it seemed insurmountable. In fact, only a year ago, they had a staggering 81% of the tablet market share. Move forward to today, and experts suggest that they only have 52% of the market. That leaves Android-based tablets with 48% of the market, at least according to Pew’s report.

The Kindle Fire is clearly leading the charge when it comes to insane growth for Android-based tablets. Of that claimed 48%, 21% of them are Kindle Fires. This only stands to reason as the Fire just lowered their base model to $159. Amazon also just rolled out their new HD models starting at $199. In terms of pricing, it is hard for consumers to resist.

52% plus 48% equals 100% of the market, which leaves no room for other tablet operating systems. One would assume that Blackberry might at least have a small percentage of the market, but perhaps I am overestimating their popularity. Either way, this is great news for Android and not so great for Apple.

Android owners use their tablets less than iPad owners though. iPad owners tend to use their devices to follow news much more than Android owners, who tend to use their devices more for following the latest happenings on their social networks. Still, if this trend continues, it should not be long before Android is the leader in tablet operating systems.

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