So there’s this guy named DaCavy75, and he has a notion. His amazing notion idea is to use his sweet industrial design skills (and craftsman skills, not to mention it, ) to create his very own gigantic Android. It’s the size of a big kid! And not only that, it’s a cooler. You can fill this up with beers. You can fill this up with caffeinated beverages for late-night programming. You can fill this up with cats!

The creator of this project also notes that this project took about a month to make, is made of foams, wood, and plastics, and stands a total of four feet tall. It’s arms are 42 inches wide, and there’s no plans for mass producing it at this time – WHYYYYYY. I need to put it next to my R2-D2 cooler – an object every comic book sci-fi fanboy should also own. Check out the video and make one yourself!

[Via DaCavy75]



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