Who wants to win the ultimate tablet experience from Android Community and NVIDIA? If you’ve been eying an Android tablet, and don’t want to wait in those ridiculously long lines for that other iDevice available this week, then Android Community has you covered with our ASUS Transformer Prime Quad-core Bundle Giveaway. Where we have not one, but two of these bundles to giveaway to two lucky readers. This isn’t just the tablet either. We are throwing in the Prime keyboard dock, and an awesome Powerbag Messenger carry case meant for tablets with a built-in battery. Get all the details below.

UPDATE: We now have our winners! Tara Berry and Christian Bradley please contact us at giveaway[AT]slashgear.com with your preferred mailing address and phone number – we’ll also be contacting you via Facebook/Google+ to confirm your identities! For those of you not listed here and did enter on [SlashGear] – head over there to see if you’re a lucky winner!

Like mentioned above, this is more than just a tablet giveaway. This is the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core powered Transformer Prime with the 4-Plus-1 processor for ultimate performance, enhanced gaming, and superior battery life. NVIDIA has been kind enough to partner with us and have included the Transformer Prime Keyboard Dock that also extends battery life an additional 9 hours with its built-in battery, and the PowerBag Tablet Messenger case mentioned above, which features a 6,000 mAh built-in battery giving you another 8-9 hours and will even charge your phone. Once combined you have the ultimate powerhouse tablet that will last for days. With the keyboard you wont have to hunt and peck on-screen either, instead you’ll have that full keyboard for all your productivity needs.

With all the performance from the quad-core processor, and TONS of battery life you’ll be able to enjoy countless hours of NVIDIA Tegra 3 optimized THD games from their own TegraZone.com site that features 20 console quality games for Android Tegra-powered tablets. Enough of that! How can you win your own?

The rules are incredibly simple. Just follow the few guidelines outlined, and check out the full instructions below for the two ways you can win, and you could be the lucky winner of this complete tablet “pack” for the ultimate Android tablet experience. Pretty good deal right? Here’s how to win:

1. “Like” us on Facebook: /AndroidCommunity
– Leave a comment in [this Facebook thread] telling us one or more ways you plan to use the Transformer Prime quad-core tablet, or what Tegra 3 optimized games you can’t wait to play.

2. Circle us on Google+ at: +Android Community
– Leave a comment in [this G+ thread] also telling us one or more ways you plan to use the Transformer Prime and that quad-core Tegra 3 processor. As well as any games you’re dying to play.

– We’ll pick a set of our favorites and select two random winners from that group on March 23rd!

It’s just that simple guys! You may only submit ONCE at each place, and only ONE comment of yours will be eligible to be our random winner out of the best comments. Then we’ll choose the lucky winners and he/she will be enjoying that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, HD screen, blazing fast graphics and gaming performance with the Tegra 3, and all the battery power you’ll ever need. For two more chances to win check out the the similar giveaway on our sister site SlashGear right here.

Here are the full rules:


Giveaway begins March 16th, 12:01AM PST, and ends Friday March 23rd, 12:01AM PST barring any complications finding the winners. Both winner will be announced here in the main news feed and at our official Facebook/Google+ pages.

Competition is open to residents of the US only, over the age of 18. One entry per person. Family members of NVIDIA and SlashGear/Android Community are not permitted to enter. Competition entries are only accepted via the specified Android Community Facebook and G+ page; entries left in the comments section of this or any other post will not be recognized.

The winner will be contacted by an AndroidCommunity/SlashGear staff member upon being selected and will be expected to respond to that staff member; they will be expected to respond within 24 hours else their prize may be forfeit and another winner selected. Editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Winners agree that their name and details of their entry may be used for promotional purposes by, but not limited to Android Community, SlashGear, and NVIDIA.

Prize consists of a bundle including one ASUS Transformer Prime Amethyst Grey 32GB tablet, one Transformer Prime mobile keyboard dock, and one Powerbag Messenger bag. There is no other alternative for prize winner unless this prize should become unavailable, in which case Android Community reserves the right to substitute another prize of equal or greater value. Any questions can be directed to giveaway[AT]slashgear.com.

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  1. I currently have one of these for work purposes only… this thing has so much power. I even installed a few games from tegrazone.com and they are freaking unbelievable… but I can’t keep the games on the tablet so I need to get my own! This thing is so much better than the iJunk coming out! This thing is sweet!

  2. This will change everything, out with the PC and Lap Top in with the Tablet and Cloud, few things in life really have the effect of de-congesting your life but this little beauty will. I can even get rid of a few remotes on the way as well.

  3. Another decent techblog that just became not so decent, Canadians deserve to be included in contests and giveaways, oslong.   as for saying it’s legal stuff, canadian laws are very simple in this regard so using it is not a valid excuse.

    good bye and welcome to hosts list blocking.

  4. I like and Circled Android Community my Username is Rajnish357 if you like to verify.
    This Gadget is something I can never afford, I have only one 6 year old laptop which can be dead anytime 🙁 I am the one who need this truly..

    Thanks, I hope for Win !!

  5. Like u and left  my comment as I would be grateful to give it to my brother as it can control with full speed and easy to acess. Much better than iPad

    Circle you and left my comment as I would be grateful to give it to my brother as it can control with full speed and easy to acess. Much better than iPad


  6. THIS is the pad I have been drooling over for months!!  I have been learning how to speak Mandarin (off of my phone!) and the Asus Transformer Prime will/would be an essential tool in helping me achieve my goals.  For anyone who has ever attempted learning another language, you know how difficult it can be – and any help, let alone this awesome tablet is a valuable tool to enable success! (Certainly won’t mind playing Angry Birds on occasion too ;-))

  7. How sad that I can’t join the contest. I really aiming to have this kind of gadget knowing that you will have this for free all you have to do is to like it on facebook and in google plus and leave a comment. android gaming tablet

  8. I am an IT Manager and I have the TF101. This tablet, in my opinion, is the best tablet on the market, next to the Prime of course! I use this tablet to VPN into the network and remote desktop into every computer that needs maintenance. I do have the keyboard dock, and it never comes off. When at home, my kids enjoy watching NetFlix and our collection of movies on our media server using MyNet. If I were to win the Giveaway, I would give my old TF101 to my co-worker so that he could work more efficiently as well. Oh! and I would check out SoulCraft THD because I know it would rock on the Tegra 3!

  9. This summer, I’ll be changing hats. I’ll be going from a contractor to a full time, stay at home daddy. I figure that this tablet is my chance to get one last shiny new toy before resigning myself to 18 years of personal poverty. It’d be nice to look up recipies on a screen bigger than my phone, and I imagine myself surfing comfortably after the baby has already fallen asleep in my lap. Damn, I’m sounding domesticated already. Anybody got any good recipies for Quiche?

  10. Wow!  This would compliment my Asus laptop that’s running Linux so I can work on another device for Android Development!

  11. Have you guys seen any of the winners’ posts? I have looked to see what posts they had but I can`t find either of them on either of the places where we should have posted our comment. Is that weird?


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